Our Story


We at The ShipShaper are small operation dedicated to searching the world for the very best beard & men's grooming products available. At The ShipShaper we believe that your facial hair is an extension of your personality whether it be a 

The ShipShaper was started out of the pure frustration of finding quality beard oils. in our search we have searched hundreds of brands. We have done all the hard work for you! 

We’re constantly searching for new products to add to our range, whether different beard oil scents, balms, waxes, or entirely new goods all of which you’ll love.


The ShipShaper is not just the best website for beard and men's grooming products but it donates 10% of all proceeds to cleaning up the ocean to ensure that our oceans stay beautiful and diverse.

Do you want to be able to tell your children or even grandchildren that you helped make the ocean plastic free? Come aboard and join our voyage to help clean up the ocean.