What does having a beard say about a man?

The question that is on many peoples minds. What does having a beard actually say about a man. Budding psychologists will have their say, women will have another opinion, men with beards and then men without beards will always have their own view. So we've pulled together a few opinions and a few view points to help formulate your view even further.

They include: 

  • Aggression
  • Maturity
  • Sociability 
  • Health & Cleanliness


Think of the film 300. You see him as a strong and aggressive man, a fighter. Anytime a man had facial hair or a beard, he was seen as more aggressive. So, perhaps you want to give a signal of strength. Well, now you know what you need to do or what you can continue to do. Fast forward to the modern day and we can now use some great grooming products to enhance our beard and make it that little bit more styled, grooming and neat!


The big thing here for a boy is the desire to look and be treated like a man. I have experienced it, we at The ShipShaper have and I am sure that many of you that are reading this have. You grow your first hairs on your chin, then you start to develop a full face over time. You want to signal to the rest of the world that you are no longer a boy and that you are now a man.


Now you might not like this one here. It’s actually clean-shaven men that are supposedly more likely to be good at working with other people and being more sociable with other people. If you want to give off the impression that you are some fun loving social guy, then society is saying that you should ditch the beard oil, ditch the beard balms and ditch the beard grooming routine, and pick up an electric shaver or your favourite razor. Now, I am not ready to do that. I know that I can be fun loving and have a beard at the same time. So, I will keep the beard grooming products and stick to my morning beard routine!

Health & Cleanliness:

Some have argued in the past that a beard can be untidy, messy and dirty. That is definitely not true for today. The ShipShaper is an example of a company that is dedicated to bringing you the best beard grooming products in the market, and we are only one of a few! The myth of untidiness is just not true anymore. You have beard oils and balms to help keep your beard healthy and gleaming and you brushes, combs and straighteners which are now able to do incredible things with keeping your beard tamed and under check!

Men’s style changes, attitudes change over time, but the beard stays. The beard has weathered through all the challenges of time! Look after your beard and your beard will look after you. We hope to join you on that journey!

I hope you have an amazing day today and until next time, keep growing and stay ShipShaped.

The ShipShaper.

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