The Perfect Gift This Fathers Day - The ShipShaper Beard Straightening Comb

The ShipShaper Beard Straightening Comb

It is not long until Father’s Day! With only 10 days to go, it’s crunch time to find him the perfect gift in 2020.

If you know your dad has been struggling with his beard, if he has been unable to tame his beast and is wondering how to straighten a beard, day in, day out, then this is the perfect gift for him.  

We are currently offering huge discounts on all our beard straightening combs and this is your opportunity to grab one for the big day.

So, if you a sitting on the fence about buying a heated beard comb, now is your chance to get one at our amazing new rate!

So, what is so good about our beard straightening comb?

This heated beard comb is the ultimate advantage to level up your beard game! Using a low-profile design and negative ion technology, that thick, untamed, messy, out of control beard can be transformed into a smooth, soft and enviable look. Tame your beard in seconds and help him earn the respect of his peers.

Straightening a beard has never been so easy, trust me!

Simply visit our product page to find out more and to benefit from the new offer.

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I hope you have an amazing day today and until next time, keep growing and stay ShipShaped.

The ShipShaper.

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