What is Bead Oil and why should you use it?

What is Beard Oil?

You may have heard of beard oil before; however, perhaps you haven’t yet used it. Maybe you currently think it’s unnecessary, a waste of money, or just another product off the shelf. But this is where you are wrong.

Suppose you have any facial hair, whether slight stubble or a full-blown sailor's beard, you should be using beard oil. Beard oil helps keep your facial hair healthy, clean, neat, and comfortable. It takes seconds to apply and can turn a messy beard into your dream facial hair with little to no effort.

Facial hair, of any length, requires regular maintenance and cleaning to remain healthy, and most importantly, looking its best. With this in mind, this article will discuss why you should use beard oil, first mentioning several benefits of the good stuff.


What are the benefits of using beard oil?


As mentioned previously, there are several benefits associated with beard oil. Firstly, this product nourishes and moisturizes your beard and the skin below your facial hair. When you have a beard, this skin is rarely cared for as it’s hidden and hard to tend to.

Beard oil, on the other hand, allows you to keep this clean, moisturized, and healthy. This helps keep your beard fresh, strong, and even fuller looking. Furthermore, a problem many guys experience when they grow a beard is beard dandruff. That’s right; it’s a thing.

More often than not, this dandruff is a result of dry and broken skin beneath the beard. ‘Bearddruff’ may form due to the scratching of this skin, or may be visible in your facial hair. It doesn’t take an expert to say how uncomfortable this is, both to look at and to live with.

So, before you go ahead and shave your beard off, most likely regretting it later, applying a few drops of beard oil will reduce this beardruff, perhaps eliminating it completely. Finally, other benefits of the sailers favorite product are supported beard growth, tidiness, and eliminating stray hairs.

Oh, and if you’re currently using regular shampoo to clean your beard, this is a big no, no. Switch to a specialized beard shampoo as regular shampoo will contribute to increased beard dandruff, itchiness, and general discomfort.

To conclude

Whether you spend a lot of time at sea or you prefer to call home somewhere on land, you will benefit from the regular use of beard oil. This wonderful product keeps your skin and beard clean, healthy, strong, and looking its best year-round.

So, whether you’re after the Viking look, clean stubble, or mid-length beard, you should definitely be using beard oil daily. If your beard oil is on the longer side, you may choose to use this twice a day to keep it healthy, nourished, and clean.

Finally, be sure to try out our fine collection of beard oil, guaranteed to make your beard worthy of captaining any ship.

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