6 Awesome Tips To Level Up Your Beard Game

Beards. You know we can all get a bit obsessive at times. Its human nature. We get protective over the things that we create and then obsess over every part of it. If you are someone who has just grown that thick beard you’ve always wanted, after months of effort to not shave, then you might want to start looking into how to look after your beard. How to care, maintain and style it!

These are the parts that people forget. Growing a beard is all well and good but maintaining and grooming your beard is just as important. From using beard oils to using beard straighteners, there are many ways that you can maintain and transform your beard. Here, we share awesome tips so you can start sporting that awesome beard.


Standard practice of maintenance is always important. As I said, beard care is just as important as beard growth. How much do you know about caring for your beard?

[1] Use beard oil. Don’t let your beard go dry. Just like the hair on your head, it can get damaged, it can get dry, you name it, it can happen. You need to keep your beard hydrated. This is what makes beard oils important. Like your hair, washing your beard can strip away its natural oils. In order to avoid this and to re-hydrate your beard, apply a good amount of beard oil so you keep it conditioned. 

[2] Don’t forget your tools. Have then ready for action. Hydration, check! Next you have to keep your beard in check. However, there will definitely be times that your beard will want to show off and grow in awkward directions. How to avoid this? Simple, you should always have the right beard tools available for the job. What you want are tools like you beard combs, beard brushes, and scissors to shape, style and trim the beard to your desired panache.


How clean are you really?

[3] Beard washes. You want to be using the right beard wash for the job. Like your hair, you do not need to be washing your beard daily. This can affect your beards hydration. That said, I know we all like to be clean. We have all heard the horror stories about there being poo particles in our beards (if not, I will be sure to write about it soon). So, if you are going to keep that beard squeaky clean, you should use a beard wash that contains moisturising ingredients. This will keep your beard fully hydrated and ready for the world.

[4] Then you can get your beard softener. This is one that people often forget. Straight after your beard wash, you can apply your softener for that extra touch. This can be applied and left for a while when you are showering. You can sometimes even use this as an alternative to beard oils and balms. 


Now you have your beard clean and cared for, what next? You want your beard to look on top form when you go out. You want to be able to transform your bush, into a style icon that everyone is begging for. So, after taking you have done all the hard work, you want to follow these simple, final few steps to step up your beard game and transform it to the next level.

[5] Styling balm. Ever heard of it? Styling balm to your beard is like a gel or wax for the hair. You need to be careful though. You must make sure that it is not too strong. This is to avoid any damage to your beard. Do your research. Foamy in consistency is good. This way, you can get a good volume without it getting uncomfortable.

[6] The big question is have you come across a beard straightener before? Some of us prefer a less hands on approach when it comes to beard care. If that is you, then you should make friends with a beard straightening comb. You can use a beard straightener in minutes, straighten your beard, comb it into place and keep that beard styled in place. Of course, we will be biased, but when you know something is worth it, you want to shout it so the world can hear it too. You want to look for beard straighteners that are designed like a brush or a comb, to make your beard maintenance as natural and as easy as possible. Remember that you are playing with heat near your face. Don’t make the mistake of getting too cocky and burning your face. I know a beard can hide the marks, but that’s not something you want to have happen!


As you and I know, there are other options out there when it comes to beard care, growth and maintenance. I can only look out for what I think is the best and give you my experience of what works and what doesn’t. I will give you my honest opinion, it is up to you to try it and see if it works for you! I am confident it will though!

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