5 Benefits of a Beard That Shouldn’t be a Secret

5 Benefits of a Beard That Shouldn’t be a Secret

From your 4 o’clock shadow to going straight to your Viking army, there are actually a number of benefits to taking a break from shaving this summer. Now, I am not just saying this to save yourself some time in the morning. In fact, a beard can be the secret to keeping yourself looking youthful, staying moisturised and even somewhat healthier!

Here are 5 benefits of a beard that should not be a secret. Once you’ve read them, you will have event more ammo to keep your amazing beard!

  1. Protection from the Sun:

Research suggests that up to 95% of the sun’s rays are blocked by a beard. Now, there are many benefits to this. One being, that it can be a huge preventative to many forms of cancer. Not only that but the sun plays a part in the aging of your skin. So, protect your face and protect one of the main causes of aging and skin cancer. What can you conclude from that information? Well, I say we have found the fountain of youth; however, many will disagree here sadly! One thing I do know is, I have saved my fair share of sun tan lotion with my beard!

  1. Avoid the blemishes:

Razor rash, inflammation, skin irritations. We have all been there! These are of course caused by shaving. Taking a break from shaving, growing your beard, and correctly grooming your gorgeous facial hair can prevent these blemishes and save yourself a lot of unnecessary hardship. You can switch up your morning grooming routine from irritating and potentially harmful, to a more relaxing and luxurious routine. Your razor can be replaced by a beard comb, your gel can be replaced by beard oils and balms! You only have to look, and you can find the perfect products for your grooming routine.

  1. Masculinity:

We have touched on this in my last blog. The masculinity effect that a beard can cause. If you didn’t see it then you can catch up here – DO YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR BEARD MEANS? If what you are looking for is pure masculinity, then let that beard grow. Let your masculinity shine through and let the word see it, whoever you are trying to impress! Grow it with care and wear it with pride!

  1. Beard Moisture

Many of us have heard that your body can self-moisturise. Your face is now different. Your face contains oil glands which are the secret behind keeping your skin naturally moisturised. I have always suffered from dry skin. Every time I shaved, I was left with dry and sensitive skin. I tried every moisturiser out there, but it never really seemed to have the desired effect. My thick beard has removed all those problems. I have my very own portable moisturiser! You could as well and the best part of it is it is free.

  1. The Beard Blanket

This last one might seem obvious to you, but I was surprised by how much it changed my life. Have you ever been for a hair cut in winter and instantly regretted it because of how cold your head was? I certainly have, and it is much the same with a beard. Your beard can keep you warm in winter, it can block you against those cold winds and it can keep you cosy during the darkest time of the year.


What isn’t to love about your beard? Granted it could add a little extra time to your morning routine. But if you are like me, then you love your daily beard routine. And there is lots out there that can help you make your beard routine, so much easier. That is why I have made it my mission to find and develop some of the beast beard grooming products out there.

Anyway, I hope that this has given you more reasons to love your beard!

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I hope you have an amazing day today and until next time, keep growing and stay ShipShaped.

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