Why Use Beard Balm?

If you’ve got a beard, whether this is long or short, you should be using some skin and beard care products, such as beard balm. Beard balm helps tame and tackle a dry and uncomfortable beard. Not only this, but it makes your beard softer to touch and healthier.

A beard balm should be applied daily, as part of your skincare or beard care routine. If you currently don’t have a routine, then now’s the time to implement one into your daily schedule, preferably in the morning.

The remainder of this article will further discuss what beard balm is and why you should be using it daily.

What is beard balm?

Beard balm is essentially a conditioner for your facial hair. This conditioner is designed to hydrate and soften your beard, making it smooth to touch and more comfortable on your skin.

Without applying a conditioner product such as beard balm to your facial hair, this can result in it turning dry, prickly, and uncomfortable to touch. You’ve likely experienced this feeling at some point yourself; however, it isn’t a cause for concern.

Virtually all men with facial hair, especially those with bigger beards, will experience a dry or uncomfortable beard from time to time. Beard dandruff can also form if a beard routine is not followed. Not only is this scratchy and uncomfortable, but it can also rock your confidence levels too, so tackle it now and look and feel your best all day.

The benefits of beard balm

We’ve already mentioned several benefits of the conditioner-like product. However, other benefits include:

  • Protection against the elements
  • Makes your beard appear healthier
  • Helps you look your best
  • Protects against beard dandruff

Firstly, conditioning your beard helps protect against the elements. For example, if it’s freezing outside, the skin under your beard will be adequately moisturised, helping to prevent breaking, cracking, or dry skin from forming.

Second, regular beard care and the adoption of a beard care routine, including the application of beard balm makes your beard appear healthier. This helps you look your best, whether staying at home or heading out for a meal at your favourite restaurant. Applying beard balm allows you to have confidence in your facial hair, ensuring it looks its best all of the time and allowing you to feel great about it.

Finally, alongside the application of beard oil and beard shampoo (yes, there’s more beard-related products), your beard will be healthier than ever. This helps prevent beard dandruff and itching, a cause for concern for many beard enthusiasts, especially when they first start growing their facial hair.

To conclude

Beard maintenance is not quite as straightforward as it seems. There are dozens of products available to help you look your best. However, only a few products are required as part of a daily beard care routine, one of which is beard balm.

So, be sure to check out the beard balm we have available at The ShipShaper, guaranteed to help you feel your best, keep your beard clean, healthy, and free of dandruff all day, every day.